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SWR inc. is an Underground promotion agency developing activities since 1995, when it was created under the name of METALURGIA.

In fact it all started few years before 1995 with tape trading and many connections with bands, fanzines, radio shows and local fans. Around '95 the Underground promotion started to roll with a very obscure fanzine written in portuguese called METALURGIA that released 5 issues from 1995 'til 1998.

Along with the development of the fanzine some other activities started to shape... a newsletter that spreaded the news between the issues of the fanzine called ABU GORAB MANUSCRIPT; some compilation tapes DISMAL WHISPERS to promote the partner bands; the first releases of the death metal necroterrorists GOLDENPYRE; many shows in the north of Portugal and also in Galicia, Spain.

By 1997 the METALURGIA crew started to establish an evergrowing fan base in the north of Portugal and after a few gigs they decided to organise a festival. It was called STEEL WARRIORS' REBELLION - Barroselas Metalfest, naming the village where most of the team came from and also emphasising the atribute of the Warriors fighting for their own artistic freedom. The idea was to make it deeply rooted in an elitist friendly celebration of the most twisted music on earth...

While the festival developed for more than 10 years, the crew of the association started to evolve to a more mature approach to music and to the production of live events. Many shows happened in the main area of Braga, culminating with BRACARA extreme fest that will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2010.
Also SWR inc. is associated with the festival Butchery at Christmas Time in Guarda, the festival Vimaranes Metallvm in Guimarães, the festival JUB in Braga and promote many events around the country.


SWR inc. SONIC EVENTS - info@swr-inc.net
Telefone: +351 961958558 | +351 919895651

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