Triplet banda de Rock Portuguesa, com influencias Punk Rock, Pop-Punk.

Vindos do Sul da Europa, em alguns anos, tocaram um pouco por todo o velho continente
e sendo do que pode ser considerda a "California Europeia", concerteza que isso influencia a sua musica, e atitude positiva.

Tendo como vocalista a cantora Australiana Jasmin Jones, faz com que realmente se destaquem, e se a isso juntar a voz de Ben, o talentoso guitarrista da banda, esta criada uma combinacao diferente, algures entre Paramore, e Shiny Toy Guns.

Os seus shows sao electrizantes, e parcialmente a sua musica, os Triplet dao atencao em deixar uma forte influencia social, e poisitiva fazendo de"Faith Hope and Love" (Fe esperanca e amor), o seu lema.

Membros da banda:

Jasmin Jones - Vocals
Ben Monteiro - Guitar & Vocals
Ruben Soares - Bass
Pedro Soares - Drums

pequena bio em ingles:

Early years:

The band was formed by Jasmin and "the sweed" Aleksi Ketunnen who played guitar (no longer a member), who recruited the brothers Pedro and Ruben Soares, to play drums, and bass respectively. They started playing Ska-Punk music, and together they put out a Demo, extremely rare.

After some time and some shows, they met Ben, and a great friendship was born.
Being a musician himself, and producing their single entitled "Just the way you are", it didn't took long till he joined the band.

Later, Aleksi left the band to go back to his home country Sweden, and a vacancy was left.
Long time fan and friend of the band, Ivo Ferreira filled the spot, and immediately went on a tour through the UK with the band. During this era, Triplet recorded what would be their debut album "A fight for your heart", self recorded, funded, produced, through out the year 2006, and released it on Indie label "Raging Planet".

Shortly before the record came out, Ivo would leave the band, and eventually Triplet would opt to settle as a four piece band.

Soon after the record came out the single "Eye43" was released, reaching number 34 on the Portuguese single charts, and the video reaching all the way up to number 4, on MTV's hit list, and number 3 on MTV's Rock chart.

Despite coming from a small country with little or no big international Rock names, other than the goth metallers "Moonspell", or the punk rockers "Fonzie", they have left quite a trail, outside of their country.

Triplet are currently working on what seems to be their follow up, but so far the group has remained silent, about future plans, but it seems they are recording.

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