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The Pepper Pots were formed in 2002 with the aim of bringing back the sound and style of the Jamaican bands of the 60s that made the dancefloors of the era vibrate.

After 2 years on the scene they decided to release the first L.P. of the band, “Swingin´ Sixties”, on the Basque label Brixton Records; a disk with 12 tracks on which collaborated the London singer Ben Jammin, distributed all over Europe, and where they expressed their musical restlessness, proving that, despite living in times of musical standardization, it is possible to return to the simplicity and freshness of this classic sound. Several months later a reedition of the album was released and a 7” single in Japan for the Japonese label Ska in The world. On this Japanese reedition 2 unreleased tracks were also included, where “Rocksteady” Freddie Reiter took part, leader and sax player from the New York band NYSJE.

It wasn´t until 2006 that the band made a giant leap in their career, appearing on various compilations, giving some forty concerts during the year and sharing the stage with names as outstanding as Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan, Dave Barker, Winston Francis, The Aggrolites, Mr. T-Bone, Dr. Ring Ding, Macka B, The Toasters, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Ki-Mani Marley,... and ending up touring on their own, taking part in various festivals in major European cities such as Brussels, Berlin, Neuchatel, Prague...

The Pepper Pots begin 2007 with their second LP Shake It! Where they pull together all the experience gained and a feeling still alive for black music of previous decades. This disk, released and distributed by Brixton Records around Europe and by Ska in The World in Japan, features top class special guest appearances: the star appearance of the Jamaicans The Pioneers (Jackie Robinson and George Dekker), the French A.S.P.O. and the German Dr. Ring Ding.

A disk recorded in analogue and with instruments of the time, following the line of the first, but this time featuring the collaboration of an orchestra made up of more than 20 musicians that take part on various tracks on the disk.

The Pepper Pots came back to Europe in summer of 2007, showing its second disc in France, UK, Germany, Txec Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Italy playing in great festivals like: Riversite Stom Air Festival 2007 (Mainz-Germany), 22th SummerJam Reggae Festival 2007 (Cologne-Germany), Rototom Sunsplash European Reggae Festival 2007 (Usoppo-Italy), Musica in Movimento (Nogara-Italy), Rock for People 2007 (Hradec Králové - Txec Rep.)... and playing with artists like: The Pioneers, Derrick Morgan, Winston Francis, Intensified, The Slackers...

In short.... a disk for dancing, listening to and going back to the era when ska, rocksteady, early reggae or soul were the pop music of the moment.


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