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Castelo Branco / Castelo Branco


Four young guys who make music for the World to hear.
They are from a city in the middle east of Portugal called Castelo Branco and they’re the perfect symbioses between the simplicity of Múm, the soft pop of The Postal Service and the tension of Mogwai.
Rodolfo Matos, Pedro Afonso, Alexandre Rodrigues and Leonel Soares launched in 2003 their first E.P. Make Me Sound and in 2004 their first album Pictures From Our Thoughts. The first album is composed of impressions, in which each song functions as an image, of warm colours and where the textures is complemented with their characteristic keyboard sounds. Between gigs from north to south of Portugal promoting their album, they prepared a new album of remixes entitled Frames > Remixes & Versions. We can say that with their second album, Norton created a dynamic music that allowed them to reach a new and bigger audience including the dance floors.
April 2007 they release Kersche where the songs come, somehow, in glaciar forms, cold, but incredibly involving in the making, in the melodies, in the voice that sends the words to first plan, in the sounds that appear and disappear without leaving a farewell note. Norton. Soon in a stage near you…!


Norton -
Telefone: (+351) 96 743 70 75

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