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Three men band from the suburbs of Barcelos. Loops is Carlos Marques (vocals, guitar), Leonel Miranda (bass) and Filipe Alvarenga (drums).
Loops create a shogazzing monochromatic type of sound, a fusion within the alternative universe, with melodic compositions that transmit dark and involving sensations.
In 2004, they recorded a promo with 4 songs (featuring Nuno Fernandes of Umbilical Nod and live guitarist for The Partisan Seed) that won the sympathy of many people, fact that allowed them to play for several times, all over the northern Portugal.
After very warm receptions given from the various audiences, showing great dedication and energy on stage, Loops presented their 2006 first EP ‘no comments’, engineered and co-produced by José Arantes with the collaboration of the Nikouala project.



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