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In November 2007 a new rock band was born.

Nya and Andre decided to join forces on a project they would name Kandia – to offuscate, to blind by light – while searching for a name that would represent their positive vibes about it. Influenced by progressive rock bands such as A Perfect Circle, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and gothic rock bands such as Charon, H.I.M., the band was capable of finding an unique sound joining all these influences on their songs.

Only a few months after they started making their news songs, Kandia recorded two of them at home: “Grown Up” and a cover from the 80's hit “My Sharona”. Soon they were filled with requests on their Myspace page and decided it was time to get things done the right way.

The two members entered the studio on July 2008 to record their first EP - “Light” with Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System) as producer. Daniel would also fill in the place of drummer in the band and record the piano tracks as well. The EP was released via web on August and officially launched on October.

As the band considered important to have a good image, they decided to have a photo session and be responsible for the artwork from the EP which they feel, 'till this day, very proud of.

“Light” had excellent reviews and caught the attention of music fans of all places, the comments filled the pages and a set of gigs followed. But Nya and Andre had a full pocket of new songs and were already thinking about entering the studio again.

Though “Light” reflected their ambition of pursuing an unique sound, Kandia were not 100% fullfilled. They wanted to play more gigs and be able to play abroad. It was time to record a full length.

On may 2009, Kandia entered the studio to record their debut album “Inward Beauty|Outward Reflection”. The album presents nine new songs and a remake from “Rise” - the song was chosen by Myspace friends to be re-recorded on the album.

On their debut album, despite of all the difficulties that a self-made band may find, Kandia had one wish. Charon's frontman was invited to sing on Kandia's song “Reflections” and accepted the invitation. Kandia believe this is very important, because this way they will be able to reach more music fans around Europe.

Kandia are now looking for someone who believes on their music and talent and helps them reach a bigger number of people and touch them with their songs.



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